It’s a dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it! Whether you are a home owner, strata, business or municipality, let us CLEAN, DISINFECT & DEODORIZE your garbage, compost and recycling wheeled bins with our environmentally-friendly mobile cleaning system. We are a BRITISH COLUMBIA BASED LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED business. Please call us direct at (604) 642-2342.


  • While walking down the lane with my nephew on garbage day he turns and says - "Urghhhh that stinks"– Cole. 4 years old

  • I was just talking to my neighbours about how disgusting our bins are. We were wondering about what we could do.–Ruth. 60 years old

  • My wife and I always argue about it and I'm the one that ends up taking the garbage out because she can't stand the smell of our bins. I need help.–Nick. 40 years old.